Keeping nitrogen in the soil

Nitrification is the process by which ammonia is converted into nitrates, a process that occurs naturally in the environment.

As part of the nitrification process, bacteria normally present in soils oxidize ammonium ions from fertilizer to form nitrates, which can be taken up by plants, but are also readily leached from soil.

Electrical Nitrogen Stabilization inhibits this nitrification process, so that nitrogen is not converted into a form that can be easily lost from the soil, leaving more of the nitrogen that is applied available for the crop to use. This type of practice can help farmers extend the life of their fertilizer, ensuring that their crops will achieve higher yields without the waste of over-applying fertilizers.

Alert The BOLT takes safety seriously.

Master switches

Master switches allow the power to be turned on and off from the safety of the cab or the control box.

Whisker switches

Whisker switches on the Bolt ensure that power flows only while it's in the ground, not when it's lifted.

Speed sensors

Speed sensors apply power only when the tractor is moving. This assures that no electricity will flow while the implement is standing still.

Safety lights

Large orange safety lights automatically activate when the Bolt is running.

Supercharge your soil.

Let us know if you'd like to learn more about the BOLT. We have the only commercially available electrical nitrogen stabilization solution. If you're tired of chemicals or exhausted from more complex nitrogen management processes, try BOLT and see what supercharging your soil can do.

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