BOLT induces electroporation to cause irreversible damage to cell membranes.

A New Mode of Action

What is Electroporation?

BOLT is a non-selective, non-residual, banded treatment of soil borne pests with a new mode of action– electroporation.

Long known as a laboratory technique that harnessed voltage differentials for transportation of materials across cell membranes, electroporation can also be induced at high voltage with greater intensity to cause irreversible damage to cell membranes.

By leveraging recent technological advances in pulsed power (PP) and pulsed electric fields (PEF), BOLT soil treatment can induce irreversible electroporation in soil-borne pests at various field speeds from 1 - 6+ mph. Faster speeds are effective for control of bacterial pathogens, and slower speeds increase efficacy with more complex organisms.

Supercharge Your Soil

BOLT generates heat as a by-product of the pulsed electricity treatment. In addition to weed and pest control, this heat also releases micronutrients and forms healthy biochar within the treated soil.

Combined with control of target soil pests, these thermal effects may increase the crop response.

Control of soil-borne pests using electricity pulsed between two electrodes in the soil.
double coulter
BOLT double-coulter assembly fitted with optional knife for side dressing application

Effortlessly Apply Treatment

How is the BOLT treatment applied?

BOLT equipment kits are an easy add-on that can be customized to fit farm machinery you already own.

Your tractor’s hydraulic system powers BOLT through an alternator, which feeds energy into a battery to provide steady electrical output. Current is passed through a series of control modules and enters the BOLT double-coulter assembly. Each coulter serves as an electrode, and current is arced directly through the soil between the coulter plates.

Our system is compatible with a wide range of agricultural implements and toolbars.

Alert The BOLT takes safety seriously.

Master switches

Master switches allow the power to be turned on and off from the safety of the cab or the control box.

Whisker switches

Whisker switches on the Bolt ensure that power flows only while it's in the ground, not when it's lifted.

Speed sensors

Speed sensors apply power only when the tractor is moving. This assures that no electricity will flow while the implement is standing still.

Safety lights

Large orange safety lights automatically activate when the Bolt is running.

Supercharge Your Soil

Request a BOLT electrical soil treatment now. Capacity is limited for the 2024 season. Local agronomy service partners are being enrolled now. Contact us for terms and conditions.

Kentland, IN and Central Valley, CA